Seriously, don’t you struggle with this every year? You can’t buy Dad another tie, period. Mom is absorbed in her career, siblings are trying to make their mark. What about them? Then you have aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. Neighbors, business associates. Kids in college, maybe. How much time do you want to spend shopping?

Let Me Give It To You Straight is an examination of the human condition as seen through the striving of corporate management, a guide to getting ahead without getting mustard on your jacket. If you’re bored to tears with business books that take themselves too seriously and then don’t even bother to tell you the meaning of life, look no further.

You can order your first edition copy online right now. No waiting. It’s a perfect gift for anyone old enough to get a job. Plus, they’ll probably enjoy not receiving a box from Harry & David again this year.

Let Me Give It To You Straight. It may be the last book you’ll ever need.

Happy Holidays,

Mark Jaffe